Take the worry and self-doubt out of dating after divorce and replace it with joy, light and hope. 

Hot Mess to Goddess  is a quick online course designed to give you real tools to stop overthinking dating after divorce and start enjoying the ride. Ditch the anxiety and connect to your divine power within today!

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Are you:

Frustrated with online

or IRL dating?

Not sure why someone would want to date you?

Not sure there are any

‘good ones’ left?


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Does this sound like you?

  • Do you worry that you're doing something 'wrong'?

  • Do you think that all the good ones must already be taken?

  • Do you struggle with self-confidence when it comes to dating?

  • Do you tend to overthink and over-anlayze every response until you feel exhausted and done with the whole thing? 

  • Do you look outside of yourself for validation that you're enough?

  • Have a hard time finding contentment in your current situation?

What if dating after divorce didn't leave you frustrated, confused, full of self-doubt and worried that you're destined to end up all alone, in a van down by the river? 


That’s exactly why I created the Hot Mess to Goddess online course

As a divorce survivor and a romantic at heart, I know how frustrating it is to struggle with the self-doubt  that clashes with your desire to date confidently, with a healthy balance of independence and openheartedness.

But it’s not helpful if your experience with dating leaves you feeling completely drained and hopeless about finding your person, or even finding anyone decent to spend time with (and who wants to hang out with you too). 
After using the tools described in the course, it became more possible for me to take a step back and understand WHY I was so exhausted and frustrated with dating after divorce behavior and started to see all the little ways it affected me negatively.

As a result, I’ve been able to increase my confidence, create healthy and fulfilling relationships, and be able to trust myself so that I could begin the process of trusting others. 

You deserve to know what it feels like to:

  • Say, “no” and have the other person celebrate when you vocalize your needs

  • Let other people help you without the guilt

  • Look inward and trust yourself when making big life decisions

  • Feel deeply happy, seen, and appreciated in your relationships

  • Feel confident in your decision-making ability

  • Spend your free time doing what YOU want to be doing

  • And so much more!

So if you want to learn the 7 tools to stop people-pleasing and start showing up more fully in your relationships TODAY, click the button below to sign up for just $29!


What’s included?

In this course bundle, for just $297 you will receive:

  • 4 training videos (90+ minutes of training)

  • The “People, please!” Workbook

  • 7 short-term tools you can start using TODAY

  • 4 long-term tools that are going to help you dig deeper over time

  • Overview of “The People Pleasing Trap”

  • “Ways to say NO” worksheet


Right now, you’re struggling with:

  • Identifying your own needs in the presence of others

  • Being DEEPLY bothered when someone doesn’t like you or approve of a decision you made

  • Speaking up when you don’t want to do something

  • Feeling like your time is not your own

  • Feeling resentful because your needs aren’t being met, but also

  • Feeling guilty for having needs!

  • Overcommitting and overextending yourself

  • Low self-esteem & second guessing your choices

  • Always looking outside of yourself for the answers

  • Feeling confused about how to separate your needs from other people’s

But just imagine if:

  • You could identify your own needs and ask for them

  • You could easily say “no” to what doesn’t work for you

  • You didn’t take other people’s decisions personally

  • You stopped overthinking and started listening to your gut

  • You had more space in your life to pursue your passions and goals

  • You felt confident, calm, free, and full

  • You felt deeply seen and appreciated in your relationships

  • You felt incredibly happy for others and trusted them to make their own choices

  • You trusted your intuition around big life choices and acted on it

  • You felt willing and excited to take bigger risks on the road to find bigger rewards


Let’s make this possibility a reality.

This can happen for you if you put these tools into practice
— and faster than you might think.

Get started TODAY by joining “People, please!” For just $29!


What you will gain from from this workshop:

  • Increased confidence and hope (mind & body)
  • Emotional resilience 
  • Healthy boundaries and effective communication skills for dating 
  • Strong sense of self-worth and identity

Meet Heather



Heather Cary has spent the last 25 years bringing out the strengths and confidence in her students and clients. 

CDC Certified Divorce Coach® and CDC Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach®, Heather specializes in helping people overcome and grow through major life transitions such as divorce, career change and starting new relationships. 

As a former classroom teacher and college academic advisor, Heather has made it her life's work to help people grow through adversity. 

She coaches with a unique blend of humor, a growth mindset, focusing on strengths and progress and a firm kick in the pants to get into action. 

Her clients do not lack for generous support or resources. 


Course Details

4 Training Videos

90+ minutes of training on:
- WHAT people pleasing is and what it looks like
- WHY we do it, WHY it hurts us, and
- HOW to stop doing it!
- I go over both the short term tools you can start using today, as well as tools for long-term growth.

People, Please! Workbook

An 18 page digital and printable workbook with prompts to help deepen your learning, and a recap of the most important information from the training videos.

7 Short Term Tools

7 tools you can start using TODAY to help you stop people-pleasing behavior NOW.

4 Long Term Tools

To help you dig deeper and make this into a change that will last.

Overview of the People Pleasing Trap

With guidelines to help you never fall into it again because it’s what pushes people away and keeps you feeling small.

“Ways to say NO” Worksheet

…which you can print off and refer to for different ways to say “no” when you aren’t sure how to set the boundary OR just use it to practice saying no out loud :)


Frequently Asked Questions

Who should take this course?

People ready to shed their anxiety and self-doubt

This course will give you tools to begin building self-trust by beginning to understand who you are and what you need, and instructs you on how to create more space to connect with your intuition. 


Parents ready to model healthy self-esteem

— and start meeting their own needs!
If you want your kids to be healthy, differentiated individuals, it’s important that they see you do it first.
Holding space for your needs is modeling healthy behavior, and this course offers tools to help you identify your needs & start saying “no” to what isn’t working so you can better meet them.


People SO READY to take the next step to be their best self

This course is made for people like you because it provides specific tools and an entire workbook to help you start reflecting on where you currently are and where you’d like to be.
You get to finally feel like you’re in charge of your energy.


How does this work?

What happens when you purchase this product?

  1. Click the button below to purchase.

  2. On the checkout page, you will be asked to enter your payment information AND to include the email and password you’d like to use for your account.

  3. Voila! You have access to the course.

  4. When you come back from a break, go to https://the-eq-school.teachable.com/ at any time to login and return to the course.

  5. In section 1, the link for the People, Please! Workbook with all extra materials will be underneath the video (scroll to the bottom of the workbook to find the link to download the workbook).


Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds after purchase.

Just imagine…

Being able to tune in to YOUR wants, desires, and needs, and feeling empowered to ACT on them

Feeling okay when someone doesn’t like a decision you’ve made

Being able to say “no,” and then just…moving on!

Feeling closer to the people you love, because they know how you REALLY feel and SEE you

Cultivating a community of people who value the same things that you do

Being able to notice the urge to people-please, and NOT give in to it!

Feeling the freedom to live life as you’d like without the constant overthink about what your friends and family are going to say

It IS possible. And NOW is the time to take action.
Get started for $297


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