Do you lack confidence when it comes to dating after divorce?

 Hard to trust yourself and others?

 Not sure who you are now?

Divorce transition & recovery coaching can help!

  • Trust yourself more 

  • Begin to trust others again because you trust yourself

  • Have more fulfilling relationships

  • Gain increased confidence and improved self-esteem

  • Be less anxious about the past and the future

  • Become hopeful about future

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What if there was a way to start enjoying your post-divorce life faster, with less self-doubt?

You can and I can help.

Get support from a qualified thinking partner and certified divorce transition and recovery coach to let go of the past and embrace this new chapter of your life with gusto.

You'll develop confidence in who you are and where you are going next. You'll identify and release the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that are keeping your stuck. 

I'd love to help you get through the yuck and into the awesomeness faster with some lifelong skills to deal with future challenges and big emotions. 

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We work together to:

  • Identify what's important to you post-divorce
  • Build a path forward with accountability and support in do-able, bite sized steps 
  • Uncover your limiting beliefs so they no longer hold you back
  • Strengthen your communication skills for healthier relationships
  • Find joy and appreciation for your post-divorce life

More good stuff you'll gain from coaching:

  • A sense of closure 
  • Healthier habits (mind and body)
  • Be less triggered by what your ex says or does
  • Increased confidence 
  • Confidence around parenting as a single-parent
  • Sense of healthy and strong post-divorce identity

What you will gain from from this workshop:

  • Healthier habits (mind & body)
  • Emotional resilience 
  • Increased confidence 
  • Sense of post-divorce identity

Who is this for?

  • People who want to create a joyful and healthy post-divorce life
  • People who want to rebuild their confidence and self-esteem
  • People who never want to disappear or lose themselves in a relationship again
  • People who are committed to improving themselves, their lives and their relationships after divorce
  • People who want to find joy and connection in their post-divorce life 
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What clients are saying

Meet Heather

Heather Cary is a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® and CDC Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach®.

She specializes in helping people overcome divorce with more clarity and confidence and use one of life’s biggest challenges to improve the quality of their life, career and relationships. 

Heather is trained in basic mediation and she serves on several panels with other divorce professionals to offer low-cost, high-impact resources to her community. 

She runs a bi-weekly free MeetUp: Roadmap to Mindful Divorce and is active on Insta and FB, where she offers a unique blend of tools, tips, inspiration and personal stories to help people find purpose and meaning in adversity. Her kids hope she will stop there and not get into TikTok. We'll see. 

She is a mom to 3 humans, 2 dogs and 3 cats. When she's not coaching and teaching, you can find her paddling on one of Oregon's scenic rivers, attempting to meditate, playing futsal (slowly) or cajoling her kids into playing a card game. 

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  • Customized 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Tools and strategies to help you not only recover, but transform yourself and your life for the BETTER after divorce
  • Monthly online post-divorce transition support and inspiration group

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