Don't know where to start?

Worried about money and your kids?

Feel like you're burning out your support network?

Divorce coaching can help!

  • Gain confidence and clarity

  • Be the best (parent, employee, etc.) you can be 

  • Make better decisions for fewer regrets

  • Become more prepared and organized

  • Use your attorney more effectively to save money

  • Build your resilience 

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We work together to:

  • Strengthen your resilience and coping skills for the challenge ahead (and so that you don't burn out your friends & family)
  • Identify your values  so you can make the best decisions for you (and your kids)
  • Improve your communication skills so you are heard 
  • Keep your kids at the center of your divorce decisions, not caught in the middle
  • Prepare you to get the most out of working with your attorney / mediator/ financial professional to save money

More good stuff you'll gain from coaching:

  • Support with complicated paperwork 
  • An advocate who is in your corner and knows firsthand all that you are dealing with
  • Skills and strategies to help you reduce anxiety, blame, shame and guilt 
  • Strong sense of identity about who you are now and who you want to be going forward

What you will gain from from this workshop:

  • Healthier habits (mind & body)
  • Emotional resilience 
  • Increased confidence 
  • Sense of post-divorce identity

Who is this for?

  • People who want to get through divorce with less overwhelm and fewer regrets
  • People who want to limit the damage and costs of divorce
  • People who are committed to navigating divorce mindfully, to be the best version of themselves during a painful challenge
  • People who were blindsided and need extra emotional and organizational support 
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What clients are saying

Hey, I'm Heather

I'm a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® and CDC Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach®.

I specialize in helping people navigate separation and divorce with more calm, clarity and confidence. 

Before divorce and co-parent coaching, I was an educator and academic coach. I have seen how separation and divorce can have significant and long-lasting negative impacts on kids.

And I know it doesn't have to be that way.

There are so many positive ways to go through a family transition. I love helping parents learn those ways. 

I'm trained in Family Mediation, Collaborative Divorce and serve as a Mentor Coach to certifying divorce coaches. I also teach a parent education class for families who are going through separation and divorce in Portland. 

I'm a mom to 3 humans, 2 dogs and 3 cats. When I'm not coaching and teaching, you can find me paddling on one of Oregon's scenic rivers, attempting to meditate, playing futsal (slowly) or cajoling my kids into playing a card game.

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  • Customized 1:1 coaching sessions
  • All sessions are by phone or Zoom
  • Tools and strategies to help you stay resilient and organized throughout the process
  • Access to monthly divorce support group
  • Starter package of 6 sessions is $870 and can be split into 2 payments of $435
  • Cost per session after starter package is $145

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