Want to keep your kids out of the middle?

Having a hard time getting on the same page with your co-parent?

Want to make the transition easier on your kids?

Co-Parent Coaching helps you

  • Learn what helps kids - and what hurts them - during separation / divorce
  • Communicate effectively
  • Make a peaceful switch from partners to co-parents
  • Use tools and technology to your advantage
  •  Avoid common mistakes and stay focused on the bigger picture
  • Raise issues without making enemies
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Together we

  • Strengthen your resilience and coping skills 
  • Understand your conflict styles to avoid unnecessary drama 
  • Create a sense of family for your children even after separation
  • Make a plan for introducing new partners 
  • Protect your children from chronic conflict 
  • Keep your kids out of the middle

More good stuff you'll gain from coaching:

  • Support with appropriate responses via email, text and person
  • An advocate who and knows firsthand what you're dealing with
  • Skills and strategies to help reduce anxiety, blame, shame and guilt 
  • Accountability to co-parent well, without being ruled by in-the-moment emotions

What you will gain from from this workshop:

  • Healthier habits (mind & body)
  • Emotional resilience 
  • Increased confidence 
  • Sense of post-divorce identity

Who is this for?

  • Parents who want to resolve their differences outside of court
  • Parents who don't always see eye to eye with their co-parent and need some help to problem-solve
  • Parents who are having a hard time being the best versions of themselves because of overwhelming emotions
  • Parents who want to build a strong co-parenting foundation for the sake of the kids
  • Parents who have great intentions but  want a facilitated safe space to learn and practice new techniques
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  • Customized private coaching sessions for you, your co-parent or both of you together
  • 55 minute coaching sessions
  • Communication tools and strategies to help you stay focused on what's best for your kids
  • Access to monthly divorce and co-parenting support group

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