Unexpected job loss?

 Struggling to get back into the workplace after divorce?

 Want more purposeful work but scared to take the leap?

Mindful career coaching can help! 

  • Increased clarity

  • Get out of 'what-if's' and into action

  • Increased energy and focus

  • Avoid overwhelm and manage stress more skillfully

  • Play bigger to find more purposeful work

  • Cognitive tools to help with decision-making

  • Strategic tools to help with job search, interviews and performance 

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What if there was a way to navigate job changes with more certainty and less stress?

I have good news for you! There absolutely is.

Enter coaching.

With coaching, you put yourself in the sweet spot of receiving 1:1 expertise and support with both big-picture decision making  AND guided use of precision tools.

You end up with a deeper understanding of your unique values, strengths and talents to find aligned, purposeful work that meets your needs. The proven tools and exercises we use will get you positive results faster and with less flailing. 

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We work together to:

  • Identify your values so you can get clarity on what you want 
  • Boost your confidence and resilience so you don't become overwhelmed
  • Uncover and release your limiting beliefs so they don't hold you back
  • Play bigger so you find meaning and purpose in your work
  • Create a more sustainable work / life balance

More good stuff you'll gain from coaching:

  • Resume and interview support
  • Effective communication strategies and opportunities to practice
  • Do-able self-care practices for more energy and focus
  • Learn to give and receive feedback more skillfully
  • Work with triggers to avoid making mistakes that set you back

What you will gain from from this workshop:

  • Increased confidence and hope (mind & body)
  • Emotional resilience 
  • Healthy boundaries and effective communication skills for dating 
  • Strong sense of self-worth and identity

Who is this for?

  • People who feel stuck or burned out in their current job
  • Recently divorced stay-at-home parents who are struggling with low self esteem as they re-enter the workplace
  • People who have been thrown off-balance by unexpected job loss 
  • People who want to find a job that aligns with their values, talents and strengths
  • People who aren't above getting help to get where they want to be faster, with more clarity
  • People who are looking for direction and accountability 
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What clients are saying

Meet Heather

Heather Cary has spent the last 25 years bringing out the strengths and confidence in her students and clients. 

A CDC Certified Divorce Coach® and CDC Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach®, Heather specializes in helping people overcome and grow through major life transitions such as career change and divorce. 

After divorce, she struggled with self-esteem while breaking back into the workforce after being a (mostly) stay at home mom. She also knows what it's like to lose a job that you love and to leave a job you don't. 

Heather has studied with one of her mentors, Tara Mohr, inside the Playing Big Facilitator's Training where she developed valuable coaching skills and tools to help people unlock their potential in the workplace. 

She coaches with a unique blend of humor, a growth mindset, a focus on strengths and progress coupled with a firm kick in the pants to get out of overwhelm and into action. 

Her clients do not lack for generous support or resources. 

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  • Customized 1:1 Coaching sessions
  • Tools, guidance and accountability to support you through job loss, career change or re-entering the workforce
  • Resume, interviewing and networking support

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